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ASPECTE - Meisterkurse Alte Musik Barocktanz© ALLEGRA

ASPECTE • Master classes for Early Music & Baroque Dance
21th - 27th of August 2016
Music Academy Kapfenburg / Carmelite Convent Frankfurt

Matthias Weilenmann, recorder
Susanna Borsch, recorder
Mechthild Karkov, violin
Eva Maria Pollerus, harpsichord
Jesper Christensen, basso continuo
Bernd Niedecken, baroque dance

ORNAMENTATION ... the history of beauty...

"True Beauty" is the core of life, the orientation and what we are looking for in our being, our senses. One of the most important artistic and human impulses is to augment our existence using ornamentation. Spanning the European period from 1550-1750, the ASPECTE master class 2016 broaches the influences of peripheral regions and examines the different languages and identities influencing the ornamentation in the music during this period. Treatises of Ortiz, Loulié, Montéclair, Quantz and many others provide the foundation with "ornamented" pieces from the late Renaissance to the late Baroque, of the diminution to the Rococo ornamentation, are the practical examples and are being taught in classes.

Closing date for applications: 21th of July 2016

Target group:

The masterclass goes beyond the usual higher education and is aimed at musicians and dancers, who are interested in these topics. In the dance and movement lessons, individual lessons or lessons in small groups are possible, as well as full body dance exercises. We offer a master class for violin, recorder, cello, harpsichord, chamber music and daily baroque dance from the 21th to the 26th of August 2016. Fixed ensembles as well as soloist are welcome!

Combined with presentations of the lecturers, concerts and a final presentation of the project with all participants, this masterclass will be deepen the understanding for this subject. The intensive coursework creates personal contact between the participants, which can find continuation in future cooperation. The internationally known lecturers, along with selected participants of the masterclasses, will provide a final concert to a wider public with clear and deep insight into the time of Renaissance and Baroque. Dance and music pieces will be choreographed to create an evening of great diversity. There will be performances with all participants in the castle of Kapfenburg (26th of August 2016) and selected pieces of the master class will be presented at the music festival "music at the convent" in the Carmelite Convent Frankfurt (27th of August 2016).