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Academia Palatina 2008 - Registration

Start: September 8th 2008
End: September 14th 2008

Participation fee: 250,- EUR
Registration fee: 50,- EUR (will be set off with the participation fee)
Closing date scholarship: June 1st 2008
Closing date Academia Palatina:. July 1st 2008

The participation fee entitles to the participation in private lessons, lectures and the orchestra "Mannheimer Hofkapelle". Participants who are interested in this offer have the possibility to apply for scholarships (300,- EUR) of the MusikForum Mannheim till June 1st 2008. Please submit to the agency ALLEGRA a demo tape of approximately 10 minutes as a CD or an audio file.

After July 1st 2008 solos and arias will be announced for the lessons during the course of the week. An audition during the academy week will decide on who will create a solo performance at the concert (September 13th 2008 8pm at the Rittersaal of the Barockschloss Mannheim). This solo performance includes an additional scholarship (300,- EUR) for the best performance of one work of the Mannheimer Schule.

For further information please contact us.

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